The networking of wine and spirit makers, gastro sector, distributors, e-commerce development are the main goals of November Wine Festival which will be held in Belgrade on November 1st and 2nd 2019

Over 100 exhibitors are expected to participate this year.

We welcome all other exhibitors that are in similar production and sales cycles.

November Wine Festival continues with the unified offer from the participating regions and countries awe we expect the presence of private and state tourism organizations. The festival is an ideal place to strengthen links and deepen the cooperation between winemakers, spirit makers and gastro section from different countries and regions. The festival will also enable producers to access all necessary institutions, companies and experts, which can improve their production and ensure better placement of their products.

The goal of November Wine Fest has stayed the same – striving to achieve standards of developed countries and set the highest standards in the region. With Balkan Rakija Fest a new chapter started in an effort to raise the level of the brandy/spirits market. Gastro section deserves the same level of attention and this will launch positive changes as was the case with last year’s edition.Exhibitors will recieve the same level of attention with a unique opportunity to present themselves on our online platform and social media.

Representatives of the HoReCa sector, large systems, importers and distributors are also participants in the fair, which will be given additional attention in terms of animation and active participation, in order to better communicate with the exhibitors in the best possible way.

This great offer and attitude towards the exhibitors and visitors of the fair makes the November Vino Fest one of the festivals with a clear commitment to be the best.